Off camera

We went away for a few days over the Easter hols. We stayed in a cabin/lodge in Sherwood Forest, with trees all around us, birdsong, squirrels, even a lone stag one morning, and peace and quiet. We were 2 minutes cycle from the Sherwood Pines Country Park where we had the choice of cycle trails and were in the thick of the beautiful forest. I took some pics and posted them on Instagram. They are lovely pictures of a beautiful place.

But what they don’t show is the other stuff. Don’t get me wrong – we had a LOVELY time and the pictures are genuine and real and reflect the time that we had. BUT, they don’t show the puncture that T had and the ensuing debate about how he looks after his bike (not well) and how he needs to be a bit more careful. It was all borne of frustration and irritation that what was a fab bike ride was rudely interrupted by the hassle of fixing it, in the forest. Luckily, K is very well prepared and equipped for such eventualities and had it sorted in no time. We had our packed lunch while we were waiting for it to dry. It was fine. Well, not completely fine, a bit annoying but these things happen.

They also don’t show the kids spending almost as much time in their rooms in the evening as they do at home. This is also fine, but not quite what I had envisaged. We had a hot tub on our deck which we were all excited to use and I had daydreamed about us all sitting out there in the evenings and it being a bit of a laugh. We did the first night, and it was a laugh. But the second and third nights the blinking thing wasn’t hot enough (cold tub) and we had to get it repaired. (They were very good and have refunded us a good amount for the inconvenience of not having it for 2 of the 4 nights – with no prompting). Hence, the kids were more inclined to spend time in their rooms rather than watch TV or play scrabble with K and I (I beat him the first two games we played and he refused to play again).

They also don’t show T’s chain coming off on Thursday when we were heading off to another country park for a 15 miler. (Why is it always him?). K was convinced something had snapped off his bike and we would not be able to go anywhere – albeit much less calmly than that sounds. Disappointment on my part, I don’t like plans changing. But luckily, the helpful bloke at the cycle centre sorted it and, although he was restricted to staying in 3 gears and it will need a proper fix now we are home, we were able to do our planned ride.

They also don’t show the disappointment I felt when K said he didn’t want to cycle anywhere on our last day because his legs and bum hurt (I had found a brilliant National Trust place ten miles from where we were staying that we could have cycled round for a few hours before heading home). Remember – I don’t like it when my plans are changed! But in hindsight, he was quite right that it would have been too hot and I was very glad we opted to go elsewhere for a short walk and picnic on the lawns. Much better than getting all hot and sweaty before travelling 2 hours home. I hate it when he’s right.

They don’t show me waking up ridiculously early, knowing that the others would be asleep for hours, sitting reading my book and eating my breakfast on my own, forcing myself not to make the packed lunches or put away the washing up because I’d made a huge point about it being My Holiday Too, needing to get in the shower so I could apply my gel afterwards (which should be done around the same time each day – usually 7am at home) but not wanting to disturb K who deserved a lie in, but resenting him a bit for being able to sleep for SO LONG.

So, although they say that the camera never lies, it doesn’t show everything. Ninety percent of the break was lovely, relaxing, fun, enjoyable, what I’d hoped. But that other ten percent makes me feel a little bit of a fraud, a bit of a FaceBragger (one of the reasons why I left FaceBook) for posting pictures that make it seem idyllic. Almost but not quite.


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