Day 158

After a lovely but busy couple of days we had a day at home yesterday. Normally I’d be feeling a bit fed up at the prospect of not getting out the house even just for a walk but yesterday I was really glad it was raining! I got the cleaning done and then sat down for a while – T went to his Tae Kwon Do grading with K (after many deliberations over where it was, what he needed to know and what time it was….!); A was drawing in her room. So I just sat. And I unravelled the knitting project. Mum’s and my idea to recover it into something else just wasn’t going to work. Wrong sizes, tricky to join up. So it’s returned to yarn and I am having a break. I’m disappointed that I won’t have a beautiful gift to give to little Miss J next time I see her, but from what I have seen she has lots of very beautiful things and I can always add to them when I have a more creative head on in the future. Yes, I had spent time on it but I enjoyed it and it doesn’t really matter whether it is used it not – I got some pleasure from it and learned some new techniques which I can hopefully use in the future. 

I keep thinking of our lovely day on Saturday and smiling. So many more lovely days to look forward to. Even though it’s manic Monday I am going to keep smiling (hopefully!). 


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